Southwest township called Soweto. Location of the homes of two Nobel Peace prize recipients. Population 2.5 million.

Memorial for Winnie Mandela.Marimba music in Sowetan Picture of Nelson Mandela at the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg. Memorial rocks to Mandela placed by people outside his home. Government supplied housing in Soweto. Free except for water and electricity. Wall painting outside of the Apartheid Museum. Picture taking was not permitted inside this excellent museum.Nelson and Winnie Mandela’s home when when they lived in Soweto. Shopping. Winnie Mandela’s home. One of the many beautiful homes in Soweto. More stone memorials to Nelson Mandela nNelson Mandela’s final home. He was moved to this highly secured home late in life. An example of walls built around luxurious homes of the super rich in Johannesburg. Tree lined street in a wealthy section of Johannesburg.