Our lodge in the Thorny Bush Game Reserve. It is adjacent to Kruger. There is no fence between the parks. Animals can move freely between parks. We definitely enjoyed the coffee breaks considering they wake us at 5:30 AM to prepare for a 6:15 AM departure for the game drive. This lady did not like us. She rumbled a complaint to the lead elephant suggesting that she take us out, but the lead elephant rumbled back to not waste time on us. (As interpreted by our guide. )Eating her kill in the tree. Really wasn’t much left of the impala at this point. Eating scraps dropped by the male in the photo above. Termites build their nests around trees and then eat the tree and roots. We saw plenty of these. Wild dogs hunting for impalas. There were four of them in the hunting pack. They moved very fast and we lost them after a few minutes. Leana’s new job! Spotter and tracker.