This is Cotopaxi. We drove up to the parking lot at 15,200 feet elevation. The wind was very strong and it was raining. Walked a few hundred meters up in those conditions just to see what it is like walking up at that altitude. Felt just fine, but turned back because the visibility and weather was so bad. This shot was later in the day and taken while we walked around a lake near the base of Cotopaxi.
Look carefully and you can see smoke coming out of the top of Cotopaxi.
Wild horses in the Cotopaxi National Park.
It did rain and it was cold!
Our guide Pablo. Extremely knowledgeable and so nice. Almost part of the family.
Met Julie from Brazil. She started a bicycle journey starting in Alaska four years ago by herself. Destination the southern tip of South America. She intends to write a book about her experiences on the trip with the hope that it will empower young women.
Leana’s new friends, Laura, Pancha and Pancho. Laura runs the gift shop at La Cienega.