This is our fifth week in Bahia. Here are some more candid shots from around town.

Like most towns, Bahia has very modern homes as well as very basic dwellings. In Bahia the more rural houses sit side by side with the high end houses. Very interesting contrast. Here are a few examples in the following pictures. This house and the following two all have million dollar views of the ocean.
The Bahia City Museum has a great outdoor display with photos documenting the city’s early history.
Big election in Ecuador last year. Campaign posters are still around.
Just another little outdoor restaurant.
Lots of boats in the harbor. This one’s sailing days are over.
Interesting trucks with wooden frames around the bed. We see these regularly.
Walking back from the grocery store, we stopped to look at these pretty buganvillas.
Another lovely sunset.
There is a plaza next to our condo where people gather each evening. Good place to do people watching.
Vender at the plaza. The town has a large number of small venders.
Street sweepers are out five days a week keeping the streets clean.
I had to snap this photo quickly. Police stopped and jumped out to take some photos of themselves at the beach.
Mural on a wall. The caption is “Stop the violence”.
The beach is wonderfully large and therefore never crowded.