We walk everyplace that we go and continue to snap shots as we go. Here are some of the shots that we took this week. Hopefully it will give you a flavor of our stay here.

No traffic jams here and that is really nice. Lots of motorbikes and bicycles. We’ve also noticed these cars with this color scheme. They are student driver training cars.
Fishermen go out every day. We have seen as many as 28 of these fishing boats out at one time.
Another mural. It says “Stop the violence” in Spanish.
Gene enjoying a stroll on the beach.
Ice cream vender at the beach.
Family walking to the beach.
Motorcycles and scooters seem to be the main mode of transportation.
Gene helping a family get a family picture.
Guard checks our vaccination card and sprays disinfectant on our hands every time we enter the grocery store.
The beach is lovely and we enjoy a couple walks on the beach daily.